Sunday, April 25, 2010

Le Chal Mere Jeevan Saathi (Vishwaas)

The song is filmed on Aparna Sen and Jitendra.
As it was the norm for a song sequence during the late1960s and early 1970s, while romancing his heroine, Jitendra hinders Aparna Sen's vision by standing in front of her in the convertible jeep while she is driving (worse than texting while driving) and hangs on the side of the moving vehicle, throwing caution to the wind and then takes her for an elephant ride without the Mahaut's supervision.

Aparna Sen is a critically acclaimed film maker, script writer and actress, whose other notable role in Hindi films was in "Sagina" with Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu.
Jitendra started his screen career as Sandhya's double in "Navrang". Since then he went on to play a wide variety of roles ranging from youthful, acrobatic Gopal in "Farz" to the teacher in "Parichay" (which was inspired by "Sound of music"). He almost got married to Hema. He has received many "lifetime awards", but none for his lead roles.

I thank Nikita for lending her melodious voice for this lovely duet and
Jatin Arya for mixing this song. I am also very thankful to Paras Acharya for helping me gather some information for the film Vishwas which has some wonderful songs like "Chandi Ki Deewar Na Todi" and excellent music by Kalyanji-Anandji who received Filmfare award for another song from Vishwas "Aap se hum ko bichhade huve"

Friends, please do listen and leave your valuable feedback. I will greatly appreciate your support!

Le Chal Mere Jeevan Saathi (Dinesh-Nikita) | Music Codes
Film: Vishwas
Music: Kalyanji-Anandji
Lyrics: Gulshan Bawra
Original singers: Mukesh & Hemlata


Parasmani said...

I have been humming it since I heard it on your blog. :)
I had dismissed this duet years ago when I first heard it. You made a convert out of me.

Dinesh: Liked your emphasis and expressions.
Nikita: Liked your voice and expressions.
Jatin: good job!

karim said...

Dineshbhai,the champion of oldies,you always manage to select melodiously haunting songs and the female(Nikita in this song) singer to compliment your voice, rendered flawless by both of yous.The only complaint we don't get more of them sooner,Karim.

Anonymous said...

Superb! It is around 6.15 am here and you have made my day. I have posted the comments at Muziobo too. KUDOS to both of you. Who is this lady singer with you? Is she based in Canada? Congrats once again. I have downloded this number.

Dr. Misra

Bharti said...

Dinesh , Nikita - I am hearing this song after a long time !!! Thanks to you. Enjoyed the rendition!!

Azam Khan said...

Dinesh bhai and Nikita,

Nice upbeat song! You both sang really nicely. The song is emoted well. Mixing is also good. The treble could have been reduced from the track.

Anonymous said...

Dinesh bhai and Nikita... you guys brought this beautiful oldie today and it was a pleasure listening to your voices here... beautiful singing and chemistry was great as usual... keep rocking like that. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Dineshbhai, u and Nikita did great....job, it's one of my old time favorite, u both should come up with more duets... it is pleasure listening to your songs. very well done, mind-blowing....

all the best.


Asim Ghosh said...

Lovely romantic duet from the yesteryear. Good rendition by both of you. Dinesh, you emoted well, and any MukeshJi song sounds just perfect in your voice. Watch for those ending notes, which sound little abrupt. Nikita's voice has that young freshness, and sweetness as well. Well done, both of you.

I think these two duets would sound very good in your voices as well:
- Main Na Bhoolunga (Roti Kapda Aur Makaan)
- Sansaar Hai Ek Nadiyan (Raftaar)

Dinesh Pithia said...

I would like to thank each and every one who have been kind for their time listening and feeding comments. I really appreciate your support.
Paras, Karim, Dr. Misra, Bharti Azam, Wazif, Bhavna Sonegra and Asim.

Thank you so much!

My special thanks to Nikita and Jatin Arya who made this happen.

Anonymous said...

excellent voice and rendered very superbly-the girl's voice is really nice and ofcourse u r amazing -keep up the great singing

Chiman & Aruna Mistry

Dinesh Pithia said...

Thank you so much Chiman & Aruna for your support and encouragement.


PoPpYz Soni said...

Dear Dineshbhai,
What a gr8 attempt..amazing.....u sung this really very favourite song of Mukeshji..and Nikita has sung this very well too...same,Jats Mixed this so beautifully...Best wishesh to all..gr8 Job..Salute..
Prakash Soni.

Anonymous said...

hi dineshbhai ......excellent singing keep up the good work

thx, pragna & anil

Dinesh Pithia said...

aapno khub abhaar. Thanks for your encouragement and kind words. I am glad you liked our attempt.

Dinesh Pithia said...

Pragna & Anil,
That was very sweet of you. I am very happy that you enjoyed. We do need your encouragement and support. Thanks!

MUFLIS said...

nice rendition !!

...* Chetu *... said...

Dear Dineshbhaai & Nikita, heartiest Congrats ..!!